MecArmy CH5 Titanium Rotatory D-Shape Key Ring

There is no shortage of ways to organize your keys and generally make them feel cooler to carry around. If your own collection is never complete, then the CH5 titanium key ring by EDC gear company MecArmy is worth a look.

It’s comprised of a D-shaped carabiner-type piece topped by a swiveling hexagonal ring. I say “carabiner-type” because the “gate” isn’t of the spring-hinged variety; it’s a 2.5mm flathead screw bar with a non-slip rubber gasket under the head to keep it from loosening itself.


This thing is really more than just a simple key ring. You can also use it as an bag/belt loop attachment point for all kinds of small gear, including mini flashlights and pocket multitools.


Whatever your use case, you can get the MecArmy CH5 for $25 on Amazon.

Side note: If you’re wondering about that cool looking Chinese keychain shown in the images above, I went down a bit of a rabbit hole of OCR text translation and reverse image searching to finally track it down to the product page, where I found out it was a limited-edition item they only made a small number of. Would love to have one for myself, but alas.