Maxgames “Card Pocket Mini” Keychain Cases for Nintendo Switch Cartridges

Photo: u/Whirlspell

There are pros and cons to buying physical copies of Nintendo Switch games over digital ones. One of the cons is how much unnecessary space their cases take up compared to how small the cartridges themselves are.

That’s okay though, because Maxgames makes a series of tiny keychain cases that are just the right size for those cartridges. In fact, they’re downright adorable. The only downsides are 1) the selection of games is extremely limited at the moment, and 2) they’re only available in Japanese versions. The latter issue isn’t too big a deal in my opinion, and it’s probably possible to make your own covers if you wanted.

So far, they’ve got cases for:

Each one is ¥580 (~$6 USD) at (That site is the first place I heard was selling these things, but if they happen to run out, I’ve also found the cases at, where they’re going for $12 USD a pop.)