Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait Gel

We recently had a carpenter ant infestation in our home. I say had, past tense, because this Maxforce bait gel took care of that little problem before it could become a big one.

If you know anything about carpenter ants, you know how awful they are. They’re big as far as ants go, they chew through wood (but don’t actually eat it, I learned) to make their home, and they can eventually cause some major structural damage if left to their devices. When we first noticed a few of the little buggers wandering around inside, we tried the typical RAID ant traps since we’ve had luck with those in the past. The ants simply ignored them and went about their business.

It wasn’t until we started looking around at box stores for carpenter ant-specific solutions that we realized, this sort of thing is really difficult to come by for some reason? Not a single place carried what we needed, and we tried a lot. So, we eventually ordered the Maxforce bait on Amazon and had it Prime shipped.

It comes in a syringe-like tube with a plunger and needle-like applicator head. What you do is, when you’ve located the “trail” the ants follow to and from their colony, you place a few little drops of this yellow goop on their path. It’s unbelievable how fast they swarm the stuff. Kind of disturbing to watch, except you know what’s coming for them next.

They eat it up and take it back to the colony to share with their buddies and the queen, thereby methodically killing them all. Put out a new batch of gel every day until the whole colony’s annihilated, then laugh with maniacal glee at their destruction. (That last bit’s not in the official instructions per se, but I highly recommend it.)

Each 27-gram tube is $24 on Amazon and worth every penny. 🐜☠️😈