Matias’ New Tactile Keyboards for Mac

In the last week, Matias has released three new keyboards. The first, pictured above, is the $149 Tactile Pro 4. Built with the same Alps Mechanical Switchs as before, this new version boasts better integration with Mac OS X. Adjusting screen brightness, entering Mission Control and controlling iTunes has never been easier on the clicky keyboard.

If tenkeyless boards are your thing, you’re in luck. The $129 Mini Tactile Pro is about the width of a notebook, taking up much less space on your desk. My problem with most wide keyboards is that the mouse is too far away, and with this product, Matias has solved that problem.

If you really want something tactile and portable, Matias’ new Laptop Pro keyboard looks like the best option in town.

At $169, it’s the priciest of the bunch, but it is also the only one with Bluetooth connectivity. It sports 6 months worth of battery life on a single charge, and is built with the company’s “Quiet Click” mechanical keyswitches, so the thing is tactile, but your coworkers won’t want to murder you for typing too loudly.