‘Mastering Mind Maps’ — A Course by The Sweet Setup

It’s one thing to jot down ideas as they strike. It’s a whole ’nother animal taking those ideas and actually doing something with them. For that, you need an honest-to-goodness system.

Today over at The Sweet Setup, we opened the doors on Mastering Mind Maps, the latest in a series of courses aimed at helping you do your best work. This particular course is centered around capturing/managing/developing your ideas and improving your overall creative process, all through the use of mind mapping.


The Mastering Mind Maps course is broken down into three main parts:

1: Your Idea Systems. This is where you will discover more about how mind maps work as a critical component to developing and improving your ideas. We’ll show you why mind mapping is so awesome, how it can literally save you time each week, and much more.

2: Mind Mapping Workflow Examples. Here we will be sharing examples of practical ways you can use a mind map for things such as meeting notes, project management, book notes, and even setting goals for your life.

3: A Slew of In-Depth Screencasts specifically for using MindNode, our pick for the best mind mapping app.

The course videos are all downloadable for offline viewing at your leisure, and transcripts and captions are included for all of them as well.


You can purchase the entire course for $45. You can alternatively purchase individual segments of the course and save a few bucks, but I’d really recommend springing for the whole shebang to get the best value. Head to the course page to get all the details.