‘Marvin Visions’ Typeface

Designer and creative technologist Mathieu Triay has reinterpreted and modernized the 1969 science fiction-style typeface Marvin for the identity of an upcoming quarterly publication called Visions, which aims to introduce sci-fi to a wider audience.

The updated typeface has thus been dubbed Marvin Visions, and boy it’s a beauty:


On the Marvin Visions site, Triay tells the story of how the redesign came about:

Ideally, you’d want a classic with a twist. Something that’s a bit like Kabel, sorta like Serif Gothic, and with the impact of Avant Garde. Marvin doesn’t really tick all these boxes but it somehow captured my imagination as soon as I spotted it. I felt a hint of science fiction about it, only realising later that it had been used for that purpose. But more importantly, I could sense something mysterious, and maybe even comical, hiding inside it. Unfortunately there was no proper digital version available. Everything out there was poor and somehow managed to suck the life out of it. That’s why I decided to look for what made it magical to my eyes.

I love the wide, pronounced curves of the A, N, and V in particular, though the entire font family is gorgeous to look at.

If you want to download Marvin Visions for yourself, the bold weight is free for personal use, while a pro/commercial license is just £10 (~$14 USD) for a limited time (as of October 2nd, 2017).