‘Marvel Anatomy’ by Mark Sumerak, Daniel Wallace, and Jonah Lobe

If your particular Venn diagram of interests intersects at the point between “comic books” and “science,” then I’ve got the coffee table book for you.

Marvel Anatomy: A Scientific Study of the Superhuman is a hefty (literally, the thing weighs four pounds) and officially licensed compendium of the anatomical and physiological traits that make your favorite Marvel heroes’ and villains’ superpowers work, written from the perspective of King T’Challa (Black Panther) and his sister Shuri:

When Skrull forces use their shape-shifting powers to infiltrate Earth’s defenses, King T’Challa must delve into Wakanda’s scientific archives to determine which Super Heroes and Super Villains might be most at risk. With assistance from his brilliant sister, Shuri, the Black Panther explores the unique anatomical makeup of a vast range of super-powered individuals, unlocking the secrets behind their abilities.

Marvel Anatomy: A Scientific Study of the Superhuman features exquisitely-detailed anatomic cutaway illustrations […] exploring the secrets of super-powered heroes, as well as mutants, extra-terrestrial lifeforms, and technically enhanced individuals.


This 232-page book explores (or is it dissects?) the anatomy of over 60 Marvel characters and features over 100 unique and stunning illustrations/cross-sections by concept artist Jonah Lobe, who happened to post a preview video about it:

Here are some other pages:



I would have loved this book as a kid. (I still do, to be honest.) You can get your own copy for $74 on Amazon.