Marshall “Emberton” Portable Bluetooth Speaker

On top of sounding awesome for its size, Marshall’s “Emberton” portable Bluetooth speaker is one of the coolest-looking options you’re bound to find.

This small yet mighty speaker sports a classic guitar amp-like aesthetic 😎🎸 and offers 20+ hours of rich, room-filling, 360° playback via Bluetooth 5.0. You won’t believe how great this little guy sounds.

And the silicone exterior and solid metal grille aren’t just for sweet looks, either; they make the Emberton a highly robust and durable speaker that can put up with a lot of abuse. It’s also IPX7 water-resistant, so you can bring it to the pool party without worry (once those are safe again, that is).


Sound and playback are controllable with that brass-colored joystick on top, which also acts as a power on/off button.


Get the Emberton speaker for $130 on Amazon.

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