Marlowe “No. 102” Men’s Body Scrub Soap Bars

Fellas, sometimes you just have to treat yourself a little. For once in your adult life, ditch that cheap drugstore bar soap and pick up a few bars of Marlowe’s exfoliating soap instead. After a good scrubbing with one of these, your skin will feel smoother and smell better than you thought a bar soap could ever achieve.

Each bar combines ground pumice and natural extracts to gently yet deeply buff away dirt and dead skin without stripping any natural moisture or leaving behind that dried-out feeling you often get with cheaper chemical-based soaps. On top of that, the rich lather and awesome smell makes every shower a rejuvenating experience. Highly recommended.


If you’re unsure what scent to try first, their three-bar variety pack ($26) offers a few fantastic masculine fragrances:

  1. Original — Lightly scented with agarwood, sandalwood, and musk.
  2. Oud Wood — An earthy blend of oud wood, smoked birch, cardamom, and vanilla.
  3. Santal — Warm layers of amber, spice, and citron.