Marked 2 for Mac

Brett Terpstra’s awesome Markdown-preview app for Mac, Marked, has been updated to version 2. For those who don’t already know, Marked acts like a sort of extension for any Mac text editor, allowing you to preview your Markdown-formatted plain text in its rich-formatted state, every time you save your document.

The preview can be customized to look however you like, even as a clone of your blog. That way, you can see what your words are going to look like before you even hit Publish. If you want, you can float the Marked window next to your text editor window and view your changes on-the-fly.

With Marked 2, you’ve got a slew of new features at your disposal – examples include MultiMarkdown 4.2 support (including in-line footnotes), CriticMarkup support, image detection for Markdown and HTML, the ability to collapse document sections by headline, and a whole lot more.

If you’re enjoy writing in Markdown, you’ll definitely love Marked 2. You can pick it up for just $12.