‘Man vs. Child’ by Doug Moe

Fortunately, his observations are both hilarious, and filled with awe and joy; otherwise, this title might well be found in the Horror section.

Michael Ryan, Amazon reviewer

Man vs. Child: One Dad’s Guide to the Weirdness of Parenting is a book by comedian/writer/actor Doug Moe — of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre — that’s written for dads who are worried about messing everything up. (Aren’t we all?)

The book is full of all kinds of funny and insightful tidbits, such as…

By now, you’re old enough to have failed at many things. You know you’re never going to be a great guitarist or a professional gamer. Your videos never went viral. But you could be a great dad. Isn’t that more noble than being good at guitar? Isn’t that more meaningful than video games? You used to be insanely obsessed with Facebook likes, but you could be pouring that insanity into a child.

…and this one on handling your SO’s pregnancy:

Your wife is changing. It’s like she is a wizard now, but she’s still married to the village idiot. When you approach this mighty wizard, be humble. The wizard will grow angry if you ask her stupid questions. Respect the wizard.

Whether you’re a dad now, or planning to be, or even if you’re neither and are simply trying to understand what your friends are going through as new parents, you’ll get a kick out of this hilarious book.

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