MailPlane 3 – Native Gmail App for Mac

There are two types of technology people: those that prefer web apps and those that prefer native apps. If you are a heavy Gmail user, you might want to look at MailPlane 3. It’s a native Mac app for Gmail. Why would you want to use this?

  • You have multiple Gmail accounts that you want to have in one app
  • You want to set custom Mac keyboard shortcuts
  • You want integration with apps like Todoist, Things, and OmniFocus

I switched over to this app on my Mac a few months ago, and it’s worked really well. It’s been years since I’ve used the native Gmail interface, and I had forgotten how fast it was. I love native apps, and this app gives me the best of both worlds.

MailPlane 3 has a 15-day free trial, and it can be purchased for $29.95.