MailButler Provides Missing Productivity Tools For Apple Mail (Sponsor)

If you are an Apple Mail user, you are probably missing some very important email tools. Luckily, you can find them all in MailButler, the mail plugin, which adds a variety of great features to your Apple Mail, helping you get total control over your Inbox, and saving you plenty of time each day.

For example, the most recent feature on MailButler, Message Templates, allows you to compose and save emails as templates, and use them again in future. New details can always be added before the template message is sent. That’s the most convenient way to send emails, which include information that you frequently share with different recipients.

Also, with MailButler you can easily schedule your emails to be sent later, get detailed information about when, where, and with which device your outgoing email has been viewed, and pause your inbox any time you want. Besides, MailButler has a lot of amazing signature templates, and can be integrated with the leading cloud and management services.

MailButler is certainly something that saves you time from the very moment you start using it, so don’t hesitate to try it right now!

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