‘Innistrad: Midnight Hunt’ Expansion Released for Magic: The Gathering Arena

Just as I predicted back in March, I’m still having a blast playing Magic: The Gathering Arena on my iPad and iPhone. In fact, it’s about the only game I’m playing these days. I’m deep enough into it at this point that I’ve started subscribing to YouTube channels and reading Reddit threads specifically to find out what strategies are working for others and getting ideas for my own decks.

A couple days ago, the game released a new set called Innistrad: Midnight Hunt that’s perfect for the coming fall/Halloween season, centering around gothic horror tropes like werewolves, vampires, zombies, and more.

The set includes 277 new cards that come as part of the latest Standard rotation, along with all-new mechanics that can involve transforming cards into spookier and more powerful versions of themselves, like humans that shift into werewolves at night, or creatures that come back from the grave as flying spirits.

There also many ways to create hordes of temporary zombie tokens that can be useful in all sorts of ways, from basic attacking (which essentially causes them to disintegrate) to being sacrificed for other purposes to being transformed into creatures with more lasting power.


If you haven’t gotten on board the MTG Arena bandwagon yet, this is a great time to pick up the game and learn. The now-five sets that are Standard-legal will remain that way for at least a year, so you can start as a beginner today and still be using the cards you’ll become familiar with well into 2022.

Download the game for free from the iOS App Store and join the hunt!