Photo credit: Daniel Rutter

Spend much time in a kitchen or workshop, and you’ll know how important it is to keep your tools easily accessible. A magnetic strip can get the job done, but why not get one that also spruces up the place a little? I’m talking about the Mag-Blok, of course.

What looks like a simple-yet-attractive block of wood on the wall actually (and nigh-seamlessly) houses surprisingly powerful rare-earth magnets, which can comfortably hold large cleavers just as well as smaller knives. Hammers, pliers, wrenches, pocket knives, multitools, keys, small metallic flashlights, and other such items also work perfectly. Just don’t put anything on it you wouldn’t want getting magnetized.

The nice thing about it being a solid block of wood—aside from its looks—is that it won’t dull knife edges or collect bacterial gunk in slots the way a normal knife block tends to. You can even attach a damp knife without fear of it rusting, since the surface is free to air-dry.

Mag-Bloks are available in maple, walnut, or cherry, in 12″ length ($35) and 18″ ($48). The wood arrives unfinished, but each Mag-Blok comes with a chapstick-like tube of what they call “Blok Butter” that you can apply a thin layer of. It keeps the wood sealed and looking new, and is totally food-safe so you can use it in the kitchen.

(Be sure to check their FAQ for more info on wall-mounting and whatnot.)