Presentations — A MacSparky Field Guide

This morning our friend David Sparks announced the newest book in his excellent Field Guides ebook series. It’s called Presentations. In a nutshell, this guide will teach you how to make your presentations not suck.

With a primary focus on Apple’s Keynote software—and filled with more than 30 screencasts, audio interviews, and other rich media assets—David shows you how to plan an exceptional presentation that will connect with and delight your audience. He stresses the importance of telling a story rather than reading off bullet points out loud, how to make stunning presentation slides, and more.

He also shares some of his hard-earned presentation day tips, such as:

  • Putting together a “presentation toolbox”, a kit with all the adapters and other miscellany a presenter might need at the last minute
  • Advice on posture and stance
  • Presentation delivery techniques

Presentations is set to release on July 21, 2014. You can pre-order it on the iBookstore right now for $10. Watch the trailer here.