Luno Van Front Cab Air Mattress

Anyone who’s given #VanLife a shot knows that sleeping space (or space in general) comes at a premium. Finding ways to maximize the space you do have is key to your success at this venture, and if you have a suitable van model, then the Luno Front Cab Air Mattress will absolutely change your life.

This clever two-piece inflatable system creates a comfortable sleeping space across the front cab of various popular campervan models, including Mercedes Sprinters, Dodge ProMasters, RAM ProMasters, and Winnebago Travatos and Solis vans.


The top air mattress is pretty straightforward to understand, but the real killer feature here is the inflatable T-shaped base extender that fills the driver/passenger footwells and the gap between the two seats, creating a level surface for that mattress to rest on.



This mattress was designed with kids and/or pets in mind, although anyone 5’7″ and below can sleep on it comfortably. Both pieces in the system are made from a durable 300-denier fabric that should hold up for plenty of adventures, and it’s easy to deflate and stow away whenever it’s time to hit the road again.

Watch their instructional video to see how it works in practice:

Get the Front Cab Air Mattress system for $500 at Luno’s site, where they have a vehicle compatibility checker tool that will help you determine if it’s suitable for your particular van year/model.