Lululemon Men’s Slim “ABC” Pant

The ABC Pant Slim by Lululemon are comfy, classic-fit pants that take inspiration from timeless 5-pocket jeans while bringing some stretch technology to the table.

They’re made from something the company calls “Warpstreme,” a technical fabric that combines Lycra fibers with sweat-wicking yarns, resulting in a four-way stretch that makes them ideal for on-the-go travel and commuting and such, while also being the perfect work-from-home pants (that is, if you’re still trying to maintain some level of fashion sensibility).


Other nice details include a secure zipper pocket (which fits a passport) hidden behind one of the back pockets, along with reflective detailing you can reveal by rolling up the cuffs.


As for the “ABC” in its name, well…this is a family-friendly blog so I’ll leave it to you to click through and find out what that stands for 😆

The 34″ length ABC Slim pant can be had for $138–$158 on Amazon, depending on size and color. For other lengths and styles, head straight to the Lululemon site.