Lotteli Kitchen’s Magnetic Air Fryer Cooking Time Cheat Sheets

I know, I know, I’ve been talking a lot about air fryers lately. I’m just excited about them! Having one in our home has made cooking fun and easy again, I feel like we’re eating healthier as a family overall, and I’ve found myself experimenting more often with the kinds of foods I make. (Our RV’s propane oven hasn’t seen much use at all since we got this thing, that’s for sure.)

As these experiments have gone on, I’ve started keeping a running note of “air fryer methods” that show specific time + temperature combos that have worked for certain foods. Which I don’t think is a bad way to go about things per se, but certainly not efficient.

These magnetic cheat sheets from Lotteli Kitchen are going to save me a LOT of trial and error — or let’s face it, scouring the web for other people’s methods. It lists over 100 foods of all kinds that you’d commonly cook in an air fryer — from veggies to seafood to chicken and beyond — each shown with a time/temp combo, and many with portion sizes listed as well.


The methods are spread across two magnets: a bigger one that’s 6.5″ x 10.5″ (16.5cm x 27cm) and a smaller one that’s 5″ x 5″ (13cm x 13cm). You can stick them on the fridge or even put one on the side of your air fryer for easy reference.

If your particular air fryer doesn’t have a magnetic surface, or you’d rather put them, say, on the inside of a cabinet door where they’re not always visible, the set includes some double-sided heat-resistant adhesive tape to make that easier.

Get this handy magnetic air fryer reference guide for $12 on Amazon.