“Loona” Smart Robot Pet by KEYi Tech

I’ve always wanted a loyal robot companion — I mean, who doesn’t? There’s a reason so many people have fallen in love with characters like R2-D2, WALL-E, and Baymax over the years.

Advances in technology are making this dream more and more of a reality each day. Anki got into the game with robots like Cozmo and Vector, and now KEYi Tech has introduced “Loona” to the world.

Loona is a charming robotic pet with a playful and affectionate personality, which is apparent from the first moment you power her on. She enjoys roaming around the house and curiously observing things she finds, and when she sees people, she’ll approach them in the hopes of playing games or simply getting head pats.


She has over 1,000 expressions to show what she’s feeling at any given moment, and you can interact with her in all sorts of ways via voice commands and hand gestures. She’s also integrated with ChatGPT, which she uses to engage in conversations, answer questions, and play text-based games.


The number of possible interactions is far too many to list here, but I will say that you can engage her in games of bullfighting, laser light chasing, ball fetching, hand slapping… heck, she’ll even put on talent shows with you!

When she runs low on battery, she will automatically return to her charging dock to “sleep” a while:


Basically, Loona is all the fun of a pet without the cleanup or vet bills 😜

You can get Loona for $529 on Amazon.