Logitech G502 X PLUS “Millenium Falcon Edition” Gaming Mouse

When a gaming mouse series has its own subreddit that’s 37 thousand members strong, you can be sure it’s worth paying attention to whenever a new one drops. And Logitech G certainly has been on a roll lately with product releases.

Their latest release is for the Star Wars-loving gamers out there: It’s the all-new Millenium Falcon edition of the popular G502 X PLUS mouse, which itself is successor to the G502 LS (LIGHTSPEED) wireless (or arguably the wired HERO version before that).


This isn’t just a Millenium Falcon sticker slapped on top — the graphics are actually part of the mouse body, and to make things even cooler, they’ve incorporated some custom hyperdrive-inspired RGB “thruster” light animations.

Like the baseline X PLUS, this special edition includes Logitech’s high-performance HERO 25K sensor, a reconfigurable DPI shift button, hybrid optical-mechanical switches, a dual-mode scroll wheel, and up to 120 constant-motion hours of battery life with RGB turned off (or 37 hours with it on).


You can get the G502 X PLUS Millenium Falcon Edition for $160 on Amazon.