Logitech G “Yeti GX” and “Yeti Orb” RGB Gaming Microphones

Logitech G, the branch of Logitech dedicated to gamers and content creators, has just released the new Yeti GX ($150) and Yeti Orb ($60), two gaming/streaming microphones with designs based on the iconic Blue Yeti and Blue Snowball mics, respectively.


The GX is a dynamic supercardioid mic capsule built to deliver rich, polished, broadcast-quality audio and has a gaming mouse-style mic gain adjustment dial built into the body, along with a button to enable a “Smart Audio Lock” feature that prevents clipping and reduces background noise.


Meanwhile, the Orb is a sleek condenser mic capsule that offers the easiest plug-and-play USB setup for your gaming streams, utilizing a cardioid pickup pattern to zero in on your voice and ignore background sounds like keyboard clicks.

Both mics have removable desktop stands that, if you prefer, can be removed in favor of mounting on a boom arm. They also both have LIGHTSYNC RGB zones (a logo and light ring on the GX, and just the logo on the Orb) that can be customized with Logitech’s G HUB software and then synced with other LIGHTSYNC-enabled devices for an immersive, full-spectrum lighting experience around your gaming space.

That same G HUB software grants you access to what Logitech calls Blue VO!CE, a microphone technology that delivers real-time professional voice filters to make you sound clearer, cleaner, and more resonant than ever:

Pretty sick, right?

Check out the Yeti GX and Yeti Orb listings on Amazon to learn more and make your purchasing decision. See (and hear) ya on stream!