Lodge “Chef Collection” Pre-seasoned Reversible Cast Iron Grill & Griddle

As it turns out, Lodge’s best product may not be their famous cast iron skillet after all, but instead their reversible grill/griddle that fits over two stovetop burners (or induction hobs). After one use of this bad boy, it might just find a permanent home on your range for decades to come.

In addition to having a ridged grill surface on one side and a flat griddle on the other, this combo tool offers several handy features to make your cooking work easier:

  • The low side walls make it very spatula-friendly.
  • Each side has a drip tray to catch grease.
  • The offset lifted handles make it easy to grip (with gloves on!) no matter which side you’re using.
  • And of course, the fact that it’s pre-seasoned with 100% vegetable oil makes it so you’re not starting entirely from scratch.


In no time flat you’ll be cranking out pancakes/pupusas, fried eggs, burgers (regular or smash-style), searing hot steaks, grilled veggies/seafood, and so much more. Pro-tip: You can also use it as a griddle surface on an outdoor grill, not just in your kitchen.

My recommendations? Read up on cast iron care, pick up a seasoning oil applicator to make that job easy as can be, and get yourself a chainmail scrubber for quick cleanup after cooking.

Get sizzling with Lodge’s grill/griddle combo for $62 on Amazon.