I should state up front that I have absolutely no current need for this thing in my life. It’s completely superfluous since I never forget to lock my door, due to a near OCD-level habit of checking it several times. But I want one anyway, and here’s why:

All you have to do is install the Lockitron device over your existing deadbolt (on the inside of the door, obviously) and boom, now you can lock and unlock your door from your iPhone. Technically it works with any cell phone since it responds to text message commands, but an iPhone is better because it can sense when your iPhone is near the door via Bluetooth and automatically unlock the door for you. This is going to save me so much trouble when I’ve got my son on one arm and a bunch of groceries in the other.

You can also give access to other people, for example a few family members who can take care of your pet while you’re on vacation. On top of that, it can send you a push notification whenever the door is unlocked while you’re away.

Now I just have to hope my wife will understand if I sit in the living room, iPhone in hand, giggling to myself as I lock the door, unlock it, lock it, unlock, lock, unlo- er, never mind. Just go reserve one for $179 and forget I said anything.