Lisade MagSafe Charger Stand for iPhone 12

To those of you with medical devices that can unfortunately be interfered with by the iPhone 12 and/or any MagSafe accessories that go with it, I’m afraid this post isn’t for you (although you do have my condolences).

For the rest of you, this MagSafe charger stand could be quite a nice addition to your desk, bedside table, or kitchen counter. It’s nothing fancy, really — just a bent plate of aluminum alloy with a silicone pad, nonslip feet, and a cutout for your existing Apple MagSafe charger that lets the cable run through the backside.


It is quite stable however, and offers you an easy place to set your iPhone 12 where you can view it perfectly while it charges, in any orientation you like. Perfect for doing video calls, following recipes while you cook, using your phone as a makeshift alarm clock, referencing something as you type on a nearby MacBook or iPad, etc.

Get it for $19 on Amazon.