Lingo for Mac

Lingo is a new Mac app for designers — made by the folks behind The Noun Project — that lets you store and organize all your visual assets in one place.

Instead of tucking all those icons, photos, and UI elements amongst other files or in random folders scattered around your Mac, you can drag them all into Lingo, where they’ll be easy to find later. If you tend to forget the names of your assets, you can add keywords to them to make them even more easily searchable. Whenever you need to use an asset, just drag it from Lingo into just about any app — Sketch, Keynote, Illustrator, Photoshop, Slack, et al.

Watch the nicely-animated preview video here:

Lingo can be downloaded for free, and the basic app allows you to store unlimited assets. Upgrade to the “Pro” or “Team” plan though ($10/mo and $50/mo respectively) and you get more features, such as adding guests to Lingo kits.