Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel 2.0

If you often find yourself in the great outdoors, you know the value of a good fire starter — one that will work in any situation, weather, or altitude. Light My Fire’s Swedish FireSteel 2.0 is a dependable, army-style fire starter that can last up to 12,000 strikes.

The 2.0 model improves on the original army FireSteel with more ergonomic handles, a flat-edge stainless steel striker (the flat edge is nice because it produces better sparks and without grooving the FireSteel), and an emergency whistle built into the striker handle. This bad boy isn’t affected at all by extreme heat or cold, and it’ll spark even if it’s dripping with water. It’s a tool you can count on.

Get the FireSteel 2.0 for $13 on Amazon.