Life’s too short to waste it on “busy work”. Get more done with Daylite. (Sponsor)

This week is sponsored by Marketcircle, makers of Daylite. Daylite was designed a Business Productivity App for the Mac, but it’s called many things by the different companies around the globe that use it.

For some companies, Daylite is their CRM or customer service tool because it helps them manage follow ups and remember every detail about their customers.

For others, Daylite is their Project Management App because it helps them track projects and share tasks within the team.

Daylite has even been called a “5th sales person” and a “virtual assistant” because it helps businesses do everything short of making their coffee.

If you’re in a real estate firm, design studio, legal practice, or financial firm and need a better way to manage your clients and day-to-day chaos, give Daylite a try. It helps you streamline your business and get more done.

Daylite also now has a new view for teams so you can see what on each department’s plate.

Start your free 30-day trial of Daylite today.

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Our thanks to Marketcircle for sponsoring the site this week.