LENCENT 75W GaN III Universal Travel Adapter

We’ve featured a couple of travel adapters previously, but until now we haven’t featured one that makes use of GaN (gallium nitride) technology. Today that changes with the LENCENT 75W universal travel adapter, which boasts GaN III tech that allows the unit to be smaller in size and operate more coolly while offering the highest-efficiency charging possible.


Like most travel adapters of this ilk, it features prongs for the outlet styles seen in places like the US (Type A), the UK (Type G), the EU (Type C), and Australia (Type I).

On the output side you get…

  • Three USB-C ports with PD (Power Delivery) 3.0 and up to 67W output each when used alone.
  • Two USB-A ports with QC (Quick Charge) 4.0 and up to 60W output each when used alone.

Basically, this one device will help all your gadgets stay charged as you trot the globe, and it can do the job surprisingly quickly.

Get it for $66 on Amazon.