LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V Set

Ever feel like you’d like to just…get off this planet, if only for a little while? I’m right there with you. Until commercial space travel is a thing though, we’ll have to settle for dreaming.

With the NASA Apollo Saturn V set by LEGO Ideas, your imagination can take flight as you assemble all 1,969 pieces β€” which, yes, is totally a reference to the year of the moon landing β€” to create this meter-high (~1:110 scale) model of the iconic Saturn V rocket.

That alone should help kill half a day of dedicated brick building, but it gets even more fun when you’re done, since the impressively detailed model includes three removable rocket stages for you to play with, including the S-IVB third stage with the lunar lander and lunar orbiter, plus a few astronaut buddies and an American flag accessory.


Also included are three stands for displaying the rocket horizontally when you’re not (carefully) swooshing it around in the air making blastoff noises while no one’s watching.


Get this brilliant space-lovers’ LEGO set + display/collection piece for $248 on Amazon.