LEGO Ideas 21318 “Tree House” Model Construction Set

As a kid, it seemed like every movie I saw, every TV show I watched, and every book I read featured a tree house in some form or another. The things seemed to be everywhere. But no matter how much I wanted one of my own, it sadly just wasn’t meant to be.

If you’re like me and never got to experience having a tree house, you can still capture a bit of that magic with the LEGO Ideas 21318 playset. Originally conceptualized by Kevin Feeser of France, this interactive 3,036-piece model set is a fairly intricate kit best tackled by an experienced LEGO builder (bold emphasis mine):

[This playset] features a landscape base and 3 LEGO tree house cabins—a main bedroom, bathroom and kids’ room. The tree has interchangeable sets of green summer leaf elements and yellow and brown fall leaf elements—these and various plant elements on the base are all made from sustainable-plant-based polyethylene plastic [using sustainably sourced sugar cane]—and the treetop and cabin roofs are removable to allow easy access.

The model is packed with play-inspiring features including a buildable picnic table and seats, swing, bonfire, treasure map and hidden gem element to play out a treasure hunt, and a wind-up crane on the balcony of the bedroom cabin.

Here’s what those summer and autumn leaves look like:


And as this video with set designer César Soares shows, the tree house is also full of fun details and little references to things like the “Ship in a Bottle” LEGO set:

Included with the tree house are a four-member minifigure family (mom, dad, and two kids) along with a bird figure.

Get this fun and nostalgia-filled LEGO set for $200 on Amazon.