LEGO City 60433 Modular Space Station

Brand new for 2024 — and released alongside a whole bunch of other awesome sets in the past couple days — LEGO’s new Modular Space Station (model# 60433) is perfect for kids who love outer space and imagining sci-fi adventures.

The station itself is essentially an “orbiting” anchor ring that a series of detailed room pods and other spacecraft can dock with.


The room modules include a science lab, a kitchen, a repair workshop, sleeping quarters, and a biodome, all of which can be moved around and arranged as desired. In terms of spacecraft, you get a space bike and a shuttle ship, the latter of which can become the head of a “space train” made up of the room pod modules linked together.


Of course, none of this would make much sense if there weren’t astronauts aboard to fly the ships and keep things working, so six crew member minifigs are included.


What’s more, the set makes use of LEGO’s “Airlock” system — i.e. the orange door pieces — to connect with other space-themed sets, like the also-new Command Rover and Crane Loader (model# 60432) and the Space Base and Rocket Launchpad (model# 60434).


Get the Modular Space Station LEGO set for $110 on Amazon.