LEGO Architecture 21058 “Great Pyramid of Giza” Set

After constructing LEGO Architecture’s brand-new Great Pyramid of Giza, you’ll be able to see what one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World might’ve looked like in its heyday — except, y’know, without needing tens of thousands of laborers or having to employ ancient building techniques over the course of literally decades.


Once assembled, this 1,476-piece set actually allows you to lift off the outer pyramid “shell” to reveal a cross-section of the stone-moving system they might’ve used during the original pyramid’s construction, along with inner tunnels and chambers.


You also get a bit of surrounding landscape to enjoy, including sphinx statues, a bit of the Nile River with two boats floating on it, an obelisk decoration, two smaller pyramids, and more.

It’s worth noting that the full build only represents half of the pyramid, with the backside revealing the structure’s inner workings. However, if you’re feeling like treating yourself, you can buy two of this set and simply attach them together to create a full pyramid. Either way, it’s a very cool display piece to have on your shelf.


Order the Great Pyramid LEGO set for $130 on Amazon.