Leatherman Mako Ti Bike Tool

The Leatherman Mako Ti Bike Tool, made from aerospace-grade titanium, packs several bike repair tools into a small, light package. It comes with everything listed below:

  • A variety of box wrenches: 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 15mm, and 16mm
  • 14 and 15g spoke wrenches
  • 5mm and 6mm Allen heads
  • #2 Phillips head
  • T25 Torx
  • Bottle opener (it’s not exactly a bike repair tool, but may come in handy on the trail)
  • Lanyard holder

Its neoprene inserts carry up to four driver bits of your choice, allowing you to customize the tool to best suit your bike. The whole thing weighs in at 19 grams and is tougher than nails too. Be sure to check out this Amazon reviewer’s tips on getting the most out of the Mako Ti.

The Mako Ti bike tool is $29 on Amazon.