Last Child in the Woods

Children in 2014 live a very different life than the one I did in the late 80s and early 90s. Instead of iPads or iPods, we had Nintendo and Super Nintendo. And we didn’t spend our days in front of them. We spent them outside playing wiffle ball, hide-n-seek, and putting lighting bugs in a mason jar. While I love modern technology, I do miss the simplicity of that life. Instead of our parents trying to keep us from guessing their iTunes password, they were getting upset at us for grass stains on our new jeans. Last Child in the Woods is a book about the differences between today’s children and the ones from decades ago. Our children don’t spend near as much time outdoors as they did years ago. Kids are glued to glowing screens instead of climbing trees. They spend hours on YouTube instead of building forts in the woods. Here at Tools & Toys, we value nature and want our children to do the same.

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