LaMetric TIME Wi-Fi Smart Clock

LaMetric’s TIME smart clock is a whooooole lot of things wrapped into one small package. At its most basic level, it’s a Wi-Fi connected clock that can be customized with different faces and charming pixel art icons.


It’s also a Bluetooth speaker that can display a visual equalizer as you stream music or internet radio. It’s also the front-end for an entire ecosystem of mini-apps. It’s also a personal readout display for things like phone notifications, weather forecasts, social media follower counts, calendar events, custom messages, and more.


Watch it in action:

This is one of those gadgets where the sky’s the limit on what you can do with it. You can have it count down the days to a special date, like that anniversary you’re always forgetting. You can have it display a stopwatch or timer as you do workouts. If you run a small food/retail business, you can set it on the counter and have it display your social media ‘like’ counters and encourage customers to follow you online.

I can only scratch the surface here. If this is the sort of endlessly useful gadget you’ve been needing in your life, get it for $211 on Amazon.