Lago “Scratch Night View” Scratchboard Art

We’ve featured some neat coloring books and apps around here, but this will be the first scratchboard art we’ve ever written about. Lago’s “Scratch Night View” is a series of scratchboards based on cities around the world. With each one, you simply scratch off the grey-colored sketch as you please, revealing a lovely golden color below. The process is quite calming and the results are frame-worthy:

So far, they’ve focused mainly on places in Europe, Asia, and the United States. The individual scratchboards can be purchased à la carte:

…or you can get collections of them in book form:

  • Classic Collection (London / Hamburg / Budapest / Florence / Blank page) — $22
  • Vol. 2 Asia (Singapore / Seoul / Tokyo / Hong Kong / Blank page) — $22

Each item comes with a white plastic scratch stick, but if you really want the best experience, I say get the company’s handsome scratch pen/stylus, which looks way cooler and isn’t as likely to break on you.