Kurzgesagt’s “The Year 12,019 Human Era” Calendar

The folks behind the YouTube channel Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell — which we’ve featured in a few of our Quality Linkage columns — have released their Year 12,019 Human Era Calendar. Watch the video:

Inside you’ll find 12 brand-new beautiful illustrations of early human cultures and craftsmanship prior to the first civilizations in the use of metal.

This topic is endlessly fascinating to us. Our ancestors’ achievements from 10,000 years ago paved the way for our modern civilization, so we can only dream of what might be possible in the future through human cooperation.

Why the year 12,019 though? Well, a couple years ago they explained that whole idea in another video, “A New History for Humanity”:

If we think about history as we do now, we are underplaying 10,000 years of human progress and development. Including all of it in our calendar makes our past more impressive. It shows how progress became exponential with time, and it incorporates all humans from all cultures into our calendar.

A new “Year 0” for our history could re-frame how we think of ourselves.


This would be a delightful gift to give someone this holiday season, especially if they’re of a quirky/nerdy bent. Each calendar is $25 and they promise delivery by Christmas if you order now (as of October 30th, 2018…er, 12,018).