Kurzgesagt 12,024 Human Era Calendar: “Cosmic Creations” Edition

The folks from the Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell YouTube channel are back again with another “Human Era” calendar for the year 2024 — or should I say 12,024 H.E.?

That’s right, they’re continuing their annual tradition of adding 10,000 years to the existing calendar in order to honor the era when humans as a whole (with no bias for any particular nation or culture culture) truly began working together at large scale and laying the foundation for civilization as we know it today.


Every new edition of the Human Era calendar has a unique theme, and this year’s focuses on the various ways life might develop in other parts of the universe:

This year’s calendar is extra special. Join us as we conduct a series of space experiments to see how they would affect the development of life. What would a creature living near an orange dwarf look like? Could life still exist after a supernova explosion? How might a close-by quasar help foster life? Could creatures thrive on a planet with two suns? Let’s find out together.

In addition to the fascinating subject matter, the construction of the calendar is top-notch as always, featuring high-quality paper, sturdy binding, bright illustrations with bold colors, and a shiny and vibrant foil cover.

Get the 12,024 H.E. calendar for $27 at the Kurzgesagt shop.