KUMO Compact Mechanical Keyboard [Kickstarter]

Looking for an even more compact mechanical keyboard than the Qisan Magicforce 68 I wrote about last week? There’s a current Kickstarter project called KUMO which is an extremely portable mechanical keyboard that you can customize and program to your heart’s content.

Watch the video:

Some features of the KUMO:

  • Fully programmable
  • Mechanical switches (MX mount)
  • Hot swap compatible (no soldering necessary)
  • Multiple layout options
  • Portable size, universal compatibility
  • Customizable RGB indicator LED lighting

As of this writing (July 31st, 2018) the Kickstarter has 17 days to go and they’ve reached nearly $63K in funding out of their $85K goal. If you back the project for $150 and it ends up succeeding, you can have a Kumo of your own by the beginning of 2019.