Kristina Kotlier’s Whimsical Handmade Ceramics

California-based architectural designer and ceramic artist Kristina Arzaga-Kotlier has a shop full of charming stoneware characters that bring a little whimsy to any space, but also some utility where needed.

“Excited Earl” (pictured above, left) can be a planter, pencil holder, or drink tumbler. Meanwhile, “Dynamic Drew” (above, center) offers a nice home for your favorite kitchen utensils. And then you have “Dapper Dan” (above, right), a little porcelain buddy who helpfully holds onto you and your partner’s rings each night. These cute characters and others deserve a happy place in your home.

Check out Kristina’s shop to see the full collection. The stock does rotate in and out, so don’t be surprised if something’s sold out before you get there.