KobraTech “UltraGrip Pro” Smartphone Video Stabilizer Rig

With KobraTech’s UltraGrip Pro smartphone camera cage, you can take your mobile filmmaking game to the next level. Just by itself, it’s great for keeping your shots steady thanks to the two ergonomic grip handles. But it gets even better when you start using any of its fourteen ¼” screw threads and/or the included cold shoe mounts to attach lighting accessories, microphones, and more.

What’s extra neat is that either of those handles can used separately as a single-handed grip with the phone mount piece attached to the top:


That way, when you’re not working on an actual film project, you can still use the UltraGrip Pro for vlogging, selfies, and other basic shooting tasks. There’s even a Bluetooth remote shutter in the box that can activate your phone’s camera from up to 30 feet away.

Pick up this well-thought-out smartphone camera rig for $45 on Amazon.