Knit Picks Indian Rosewood Yarn Bowl

Knitting can be a very relaxing and stress-relieving activity, especially for those of us with fidgety hands and an anxious mind, but keeping that darn (ha!) ball of yarn under control is a bit less so. However, there’s a clever little tool called a yarn bowl that takes care of that pesky issue.

You simply place the yarn in the bowl, run the working end through the spiral cutout on the side, and Bob’s your uncle — the yarn ball stops bouncing and rolling all over the place as you knit, which has the added benefit of it not collecting dust, pet hair, or whatever else is laying around. It also makes moving your project around from room to room a bit easier.

The attractive Indian rosewood yarn bowl you see pictured above is $27 on Amazon. They also have other colors and form factors to choose from, including a two-tone rosewood + mango wood bowl ($27), a glossy dark mango wood bowl ($27), a black resin bowl ($36), and a lighter-colored maplewood bowl (sold out as of May 25th, 2023 but expected to return in mid-June).