Kirkland Signature “Stretch-Tite” Plastic Food Wrap

Weird statement incoming: Kirkland Signature’s “Stretch-Tite” plastic food wrap might be the best food wrap you ever buy. Yeah, I never thought I’d write that sentence either.

What makes it so great is that it has just the right amount of thickness and clinginess. It’s super clingy when you need it to be, but if you mess up a wrapping job, you can usually fix it pretty easily. The dispenser box also has a nifty slide cutter built in, so its a cinch to slice off exactly the amount you need without ending up with jagged or uneven pieces. Seriously, you won’t ever wanna go back to whatever plastic wrap you’ve been buying from the grocery store.

Get a 750-square-foot roll (11⅞” wide) for $12 on Amazon.