Killspencer Daypack

The Killspencer Daypack is a handsome backpack made from premium materials and capable of carrying just about everything you might need on a daily basis.

The exterior of each Daypack sports a suede bottom, with the upper exterior being made from either leather or waxed canvas depending on which model you choose (each with matching, foam-padded strap material).

The interior is equipped with an iPad mini-sized pouch that is both fire-retardant and waterproof, and of course there are other smaller pockets for such items as a notebook, pens, a smartphone, etc. A nice extra touch is that the bag’s zipper is made of antique silver from Switzerland.

There are four versions of the bag to choose from, with a couple priced at $325 and the other two at $350. For another $25, you can have a black leather patch that contains your initials (up to 3 characters) sewn onto the bag. If you go that route, keep in mind that your purchase is final.