Key Wrangler [Kickstarter]

The Key Wrangler is a new Kickstarter project by CW&T — the same folks who made the Personal Body Unit Index — for a stainless steel carabiner keychain with a snappy spring clip and a post to keep your keys in a tidy row.

It holds up to 17 standard flat keys of various shapes and sizes (in whatever order works best for you), and there are some nifty details throughout, such as:

  • The nylon pad to keep the key post closed.
  • The key post’s flathead screw — handy for when you accidentally tighten it too much, or if you want it to be screwed extra tight.
  • The knurling on the post that helps you twist it more easily with your fingers.
  • The carabiner loop’s ability to open bottles.
  • The carabiner’s ergonomic finger hold.

As of March 18th, 2017, the project still has 33 days to go and has already surpassed its funding goal. If you want a Key Wrangler of your own from this campaign, you’ll need to back the project at the $55 level or higher.