Kelty “Low Loveseat” Two-Person Camping Chair

My family and I just wrapped up attending an RV rally at the 2021 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. As amazing as it’s been to watch the balloons light up and fly overhead for a few days in a row, one of the little things we’ve come away with is the knowledge that Kelty’s “Low Loveseat” might just be our new favorite camp chair — more like couch, really.

Our friends brought one of these things to the gathering, and after sitting on it, we couldn’t believe how comfortable it was. Makes our old $10 chairs from Walmart feel like complete trash in comparison. (Not a high bar, I know, but the point stands.)

The fact that the seats are so much lower to the ground makes you feel that much closer to the fire you’re all sitting around, so it’s not just your feet getting toasty while the rest of you stays chilly. It also angles back a bit, so you and your SO can easily look up at the stars together or just lounge and relax naturally, rather than being kept stiffly upright in separate chairs.

Oh, and it gets extra points for rolling up within a padded tote that has a comfy carry strap.


I’m thinking this chair will also be awesome to use on the beach and at concerts (with the benefit of not blocking anyone’s view behind us). I’m sure there are other great uses as well.

I recommend picking up this awesome camp couch for $133 on Amazon. I know I will.