Kanji Sensei for iPhone

Learning Japanese is a small side project I’ve been tackling here and there for the last month or so. You’d think that with all the language-learning apps available on the iOS App Store, I’d be able to find at least one app I’m happy with. Unfortunately, most of them are butt ugly and/or unintuitive to use.

Thankfully, this is not so with Kanji Sensei, an app that just released a few days ago. It isn’t exactly a full-on Japanese learning course, but more like a flash-card game for people trying to learn the several-thousand kanji symbols commonly used in Japan. It has a dictionary built in if you don’t feel like messing with the game portion.

It’s easy on the eyes, and even has a dark mode so you can learn kanji at night without your eyeballs melting. Right now Kanji Sensei is just $3 on the App Store, a limited-time 40% discount.