Kaboost Portable Chair Booster for Toddlers

The Kaboost is a clever alternative to most child booster seats. Instead of strapping onto the top of a chair, it fits underneath to boost the entire chair upward, so little kids can sit at the table just like everyone else around them.

Because of its spring-loaded arms, the Kaboost fits most four-legged chairs — whether they’ve got square, round, or curvy legs — and won’t fall off when you lift or scoot the chair. The feet have rubbery non-skid pads underneath as well, so they won’t scratch up your floors as the chair moves around. And, the whole unit folds down to a portable size so you can easily take it to relatives’ houses and elsewhere.

Watch their cheesy demo video to see how it works:

As they mention in that video, the Kaboost supports up to 300 pounds of weight and can be flipped over to use its secondary height position as your toddler grows.

Get it for $47 on Amazon in your color of choice: chocolate, charcoal, natural, or green.