Just Bubbly’s “It’s Elementary” Periodic Table Soap

Need a geeky way to clean yourself off? A New York-based company called Just Bubbly sells a series of hypoallergenic vegan soaps styled like elements on the periodic table. Each 4-ounce bar is lightly scented with a pleasant, gender-neutral ginger lime fragrance, and they all cleanse quite gently.

Even more fun is the fact that the eight “radioactive” elements glow in the dark after being exposed to light (preferably sunlight) for a bit. Uranium glows green, plutonium glows aqua, radium glows blue, radon glows purple, thorium glows orange, and so on. The glow comes from an FDA-approved, cosmetic-grade glow powder, so it’s safe to use.

Each soap is $7.50 on Amazon and they have 35 “elements” to choose from.